Howbout a "Fan Monkey." The fan monkey has a big fan that blows bloons back.  The effect is simmilar to that of the glue gunner, except you slow the bloons much more.  You choose the direction it blows by moving your mouse, just like the mortar. It costs $800  Here are the ^ grades:

Left path:

1. Forceful Winds $300

Pushes some bloons back to a previous part of the track, like distract on ninja.

2. Stunning Blast $350

Pops 1 bloon layer every second.

3. Jet Engine $700

Lights bloons on fire as well as being blown.

4.  Shredding Blades $3500

Pops nearby bloons several times per second, dealing big damage to MOAB class bloons.

Right Path:

1.  Faster Motor $250

Slows bloons much more.

2. Bigger Blades $450

Slows many more bloons at a time.

3. Tri-Fan $2775

Effects 3 times the bloons, and slows MOABs and BFBs to!

4.  Jet Stream $11000

Creates a powerful Jet Stream that pushes every bloon on the screen back to the start of the track for 10 seconds, and slows ZOMGs drastically! 

Good idea?

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