Pineapple Tree TrackEdit

Bloons race across a gigantic pineapple tree, which periodically drops exploding pineapples. A beehive special agent will also live in the tree, popping nearby bloons. The catch is that as you go on, the seasons change, and so do the bloons accordingly with the seasons. In fall, more pineapples drop than in winter, when none drop. In spring and summer, the beehive agent attacks faster than in fall, and in winter the beehive agent goes into hibernation. More ice bloons in winter, colorful bloons in spring and summer, and more ceramic in fall.

Pyramid Track.Edit

A 3D track that is a pyramid. Bloons will go appearing, and dissappearing

Super Monkey Sun God TempleEdit

An extreme difficulty track, unlocked at level 65. Bloons go around the sun god temple. The track is extremely short. It only takes 11 seconds for a red bloon to go through the track. You must also buy a super monkey to place on the center of the sun god temple pedestal. You need to upgrade this super monkey to 2/2 on easy, 3/2 on medium, and to a temple of the monkey god on hard by the end of the rounds or you do not get credit for winning!

Bloon Creation VoidEdit

Another extreme difficulty track unlocked at level 70. Bloons travel aimlessly in the void, there is no start and no finish. It could take a bloon 5 seconds to cross, it could take them a whole minute. Speed has no meaning here in the void. The only places you can put your towers are on an unknown planet, on the exact middle of the track. The planet is only large enough to fit about 10 towers. Snipers are incredibly useful, but still not wise on the later levels. Gets three times the rewards for beating bloontonium lab track.

X Marks The SpotEdit

Unlocked at rank 50

get $300/400/600 mm

Shaped in a x with 

2 exits

2 entrances

Dusty DunesEdit

Rank 15

Intermediate $100/$150/200

1 entrance

1 exit

splits in 2 

temples to place towers on and the desert

Monkey GardensEdit

1 exit 

1 entrance

Rank 2

Easy $75/100/150

Bloons start in the center lake and go to the outside along the hedges.


Easy $75/100/150

1 entrance

2 exits

Has 6 latches that effect the status and has 1 spike factory near the beginning in default

1: Spike Factory at double rate and more lead bloons 1-5,10-15,30-35,45,4749

2: Spike Factory slower and less lead bloons 6-9,36-40,other

3: No spike factory or lead bloons 16-20,40-45,86-99

4: MOABs slower and more ceramic bloons21-25,51-60

5: MOABs faster and less ceramic bloons46,50,61-85

6: Happens on rounds ,60,85,100,125,150,200,250,300,360,500,1000:More ceramic,lead,camo, and regen

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